Management Staff

In accordance with CCTC’s mission, our diverse staff is highly committed to meeting the behavioral health needs of Philadelphia’s children and families.

Executive Team
Antonio Valdés, Chief Executive Officer
Ileana Helwig, Chief Operating Officer
Gordon E. Shopp, Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Andrea S. Ettingoff, Director of Clinical and Quality Affairs
Jaime Pearlstine, Director of Marketing and Communications
Dr. Grace Ryder, Director of Best Practices and Strategic Initiatives
Linda Perales, Executive Manager

Operations Staff
Ismael Alvarez, Division Director of Center-Based Services
Dr. Leslie Becton, Division Director of School-Based Services
Julie Campbell, Coordinator of Trauma-Focused Projects and Trauma Services Director
Zelice Brown-Roache, Therapeutic Nursery Director
Jonathan Cresson, Staff Development Coordinator
Rose Galan, Billing Manager
Sean Halloran, Division Director of Montgomery County Services
Maria Asencio, School Therapeutic Services Team Leader, Hunter
Ellyn Hill, Director of Outpatient Services
Charlie Hughes., Facilities Director
Lourdes Hernandez, School Therapeutic Services Team Leader, Mayfair and Munoz-Marin
Edith Lopez, Division Director of Community-Based Services
Belinda Patrone, Parent/Caregiver Coordinator
Nicole Rich, Director of Care Coordination Services
Johanna Roane, Team Leader, Cornerstone Center
Joanna Vazquez, Human Resources Interim Director
Ivan Vila, BHRS/Blended Case Management Clinical Team Leader
Emma Vila-Gillam, School Therapeutic Services Team Leader, Gilbert Spruance and McKinley
Nairann Merceir, BHRS and Tamaa Team Leader

Jessica Moleano, School Therapeutic Services Team Leader, Solis-Cohen and Wilson

Rachel Morrison, School Therapeutic Services Team Leader, Bache-Martin