School-Based Partnership Program

CCTC’s School-Based Partnership Program is a behavioral support program embedded within non-public schools throughout the city. The program seeks to provide in-school Care Coordination services and support for children who struggle in school due to behavioral challenges. The services are provided on site and delivered directly in collaboration with the school’s child study team. The program provides support in the areas of crisis intervention services that extend outside the home to address family life and stability. Students are provided with an in-depth treatment plan and a strength and needs assessment that is developed in collaboration with the parent, child and school staff.

The School-Based Partnership Program is one of the only programs of its kind, provided in the charter or non-public school sector. CCTC services offered through the School-Based Partnership program include: Outpatient Therapy, Psychiatric Care, Trauma Assistance Program, Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services, Blended Case Management, Family-Based Services and the Summer Therapeutic Enrichment Program.

Contact: Nicole Rich, Director of School Based Partnerships