School Therapeutic Services

CCTC’s School Therapeutic Services (STS) is a school-based behavioral health program for students in grades from K-8 who are struggling with behavioral challenges that impact their ability to reach their potential in school. Through both individual and group clinical services, the program aims to improve behavior, increase school attendance, and promote academic achievement. The STS classroom provides the extra support, attention, and expertise necessary to ensure that all academic and social challenges are being addressed and managed.

The support that this program provides extends beyond the STS classroom. Although services are provided within the school setting, the program is designed to provide children and families with the support they need to address behavioral challenges in the home and community as well. The STS program addresses not only the clinical side of the child’s challenges, but issues that contribute to these challenges such as family and financial stability and untreated trauma. STS staff connects families to community resources that will address these concerns as they arise.

STS not only supports individual students who are struggling, but creates a web of support for the entire school community. STS professionals provide consultation and professional development to school personnel and administration that focuses on relationships with students/caregivers, positive classroom management, increasing trauma-informed approaches, effective behavioral support techniques, and early-intervention strategies. Working with the students and faculty alike, the STS team seeks to create a more positive and supportive school culture.

CCTC currently has ten STS locations at Philadelphia Public Schools citywide: Bache-Martin Elementary School, W.D. Kelley Elementary School, Hon. Luis Muñoz Marín Elementary School, Mayfair Elementary School, William H. Hunter Elementary School, Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Solis-Cohen Elementary School, Potter Thomas Elementary School, Gilbert Spruance Elementary School and William McKinley Elementary School.


Lourdes Hernandez, Team Leader, Mayfair and Munoz-Marin
Rachel Morrison, Team Leader, Bache-Martin and Potter-Thomas
Jessica Moleano, Team Leader, Woodrow Wilson and Solis-Cohen
Emma Vila-Gillam, Team Leader, Gilbert Spruance and McKinley