Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

CCTC’s Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) program is designed to provide a broad network of support for families of children who struggle with mental and behavioral health challenges. Working within the home, BHRS helps families connect to various services that will help to increase family stability while also managing the child’s behavioral challenges within the context of the home, school, and community.

BHRS care is delivered by a team of varied specialists: A Behavioral Specialist Consultant, who works with the child and family to create a treatment plan to address and modify their behavior, a Mobile Therapist, who provides clinical services to the family in their own home, and the Therapeutic Staff Support, who works one on one with the child to address behavioral issues both in the home and in school. In addition, a Care Coordinator is responsible for overseeing services and insuring ample communication between each member of the BHRS team. The Care Coordinator also connects the family to community resources, educational supports, and additional health services when necessary. The BHRS team as a whole works together to create a treatment plan that addresses not only the clinical side of the child’s challenges, but issues that contribute to these challenges such as family and financial stability, untreated trauma, and educational concerns.

The goal of BHRS is to help the family create a positive, supportive, and stable environment that will enable the child to get the most out of any clinical care they may be receiving and develop positive behavior management strategies that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Contact: Nairann Merceir, BHRS Team Leader