Child Stability and Well-Being Program

CCTC’s Child Stability and Well Being Program (CSAW-PIP) works to create healthy and stable living environments for children involved with child welfare agencies. The CSAW-PIP staff works on site at designated child welfare agencies across Philadelphia, where they train staff and caregivers in interactive parenting skills, offer therapeutic intervention to families, and provide one on one consultation.

CSAW-PIP provides Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), an empirically supported method for improving family relationships and creating positive interaction habits between child and caregiver. In addition to direct therapeutic intervention, CSAW-PIP conducts an ongoing Child Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) training program for agency staff and caregivers. CARE training provides caregivers with the tools to develop and maintain a healthy family environment, and ensures that agency staff is best equipped to create a safe and supportive space for children and their caregivers.

CSAW-PIP’s approach is unique because it couples immediate relief with a long-term effort to provide a comprehensive and sustainable system of support for children and families. CSAW-PIP’s sustained skill building opportunities ensure that following direct intervention, families are equipped to continue on the path to building and maintaining healthy relationships.

CSAW-PIP staff is composed of highly trained individuals are committed to helping children and their families heal from adverse life experiences. The families involved in the program have reported that after participating, they are more confident in their parenting skills. CSAW-PIP has proven effective at increasing foster placement stability. CSAW-PIP is currently co-located at Bethanna Foster Care Agency, Jewish Family and Children’s Foster Care Agency, and various Community Umbrella Agencies.

Contact: Jessica Shore, CSAW-PIP Team Lead and Supervisor